Yesterday, we harvested a nice summer squash called a Golden Egg Hybrid. It does look kind of like an egg, doesn’t it. It tastes like a cross between yellow squash and zucchini, and there are lots of positive reviews if you are ever looking to try a new kind of summer squash. We personally mostly like the way they look 🙂

We also saw two more odd bugs outside. One was a red and black slender aphid-like creature, and the other was a tan, white, and black beetle. The red bug, as far as I can tell, is the nymph of an Arilus Cristatus, which is a wheel bug. This is a type of assassin beetle and it is a mostly a good thing if they are in your garden. Like an antibiotic which kills both good and bad bacteria, an assassin bug will kill both good and bad bugs.

It’s like our chickens. They will eat the bad Japanese beetles which venture into our yard; however, they will also eat the things we wish they would leave alone, like the earthworms and preying mantises. The other day they ate one of those huge green tomato worms. Oh yes, they were apprehensive at first – the thing was huge. But then they devoured it…. that was the 1st such worm we have ever seen on a tomato plant. Ever. And they are pretty darn large and a little bit disgusting.

Two more little details: the assassin bug we took a picture of was in our lemon basil and more importantly, they will bite humans. If they do, it is painful and will sometimes cause severe allergic reactions.

The other tan, white, and black beetle was on a pepper plant leaf at the time and I have not been able to identify it, so if anyone out there can, please do!

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