Interesting Insects This Year

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Yard and Garden

red Lately, in the garden as well as the yard, we’ve been noticing a lot of interesting insects which we’ve never seen before.

Today while pulling grass clumps in our gravel driveway, we saw a small red and black bug – a lot of them. It was fairly easy to identify as a Boisea Trivittata or a boxelder bug, and it looked like the ones we saw today were in the nymph stage. We realized that that was why we didn’t recognize them; we’d only seen these bugs in the adult form.

The boxelder bugs are not a destructive bug, though they are sometimes considered nuisance pests because they gather in large numbers sometimes. It’s a good thing they’re not destructive, because we saw a lot in our driveway.

Anyway, that’s that bug. Maybe we’ll lead our chickens into the driveway just in case they like to eat these bugs.

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