Is Violence Necessary?

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Articles

Everyone has probably heard about the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Some white kid went to a black church and shot nine people, killing them all. It was awful, and we wonder how you could sit through a church service and then do something like that. It would be bad enough to do that, but after sitting amongst Christians and hearing the Word of God, and then do something like that?

People have started talking about revenge, but there’s been nothing yet, thankfully.

The thing is, the black (and some white) people in Ferguson and Baltimore may have had actual reasons to by very unhappy, but it’s the way they handled the situation that’s not right. They have every right to not like what happened and even to protest, but when looting, rioting, and shooting starts, that’s when we start to wonder.

Is violence sometimes necessary?

We were thinking, probably not, but then we thought of the American Revolution. The colonists who wanted to break from England definitely did not want to be the aggressor; however, once they were fired upon, they took no time in firing right back. The American Revolution began and as a result, the United Stated was born. Was violence necessary then? We don’t know.

Thankfully, we just read that a crowd of people in Charleston, black and white, were marching for unity and peace. They weren’t rioting, burning their city, or shooting back – at least not yet. This is good, because earlier in the day, we saw a headline saying “We will shoot back”. And we were wondering if it would be safe to go to church anymore. Not really wondering, but to be honest, it did cross our minds.

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