Kiss My Face Soap Review

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Reviews

Among all the natural and organic brands out there, there is one by the name, “Kiss My Face.”  Most of their products are a part of the NON GMO project.

Our parents sell various products from this company, and they recently added to their stock of items the Kiss My Face soaps because it is a popular item. Our family tries most of what our parents sell, and since we hadn’t tried this yet, we put a few bars to the test.

The first thing we saw when we opened the paper-wrapped rectangle was an odd olive-green colored soap. Not particularly attractive, but it smelled alright.

It’s alright for washing your hands, but it gets really gooey and mushy if the bar can’t dry thoroughly in between each washing of the hands. For that reason, it’s really bad for the kitchen. If there was an obscure sink in our basement that we didn’t use very much, I guess we could put a bar down there, but in general, it’s just not a great soap for our family. Everyone is always washing their hands at one of the sinks in our home and even though we have those plastic soap holders meant to allow bars of soap to dry, this soap just doesn’t dry fast enough. That means a lot of soap goop next to our sinks. The bar we mistakenly placed in the kitchen feels disgusting actually and will have to be moved to another location in order to dry.

On a scale from one to ten, I’d rate it a 3 and a half. For the kitchen, it gets a 0 rating. Not a fan of this soap. I guess it’s meant for people to only use to wash their faces?

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