Which Witch is Which?

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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That title is sightly misleading, but at least it’s fun to say.

The thing is, we planted parsley and celery, and these plants look very much alike. This is the first year we’ve tried celery so we weren’t really aware of the similarity between the two plants.

We did not label them, and when it came time to plant celery into a raised bed, it was really confusing which plants we were to grab. At first, we were pinching off tiny pieces of leaves and tasting them. Easy. This one is parsley. This one is celery.

But after a short while, all the leaves began tasting the same. Which witch was which? We could no longer tell.

So there’s probably some parsley in our celery raised bed, but that’s okay; it needed to go somewhere anyway 🙂

We’ve also included pictures of our watermelons which are coming along nicely.

Anyway, the lesson is to always label your plants!

  1. julespaige says:

    I picked up a kale plant that I thought was something else… I planted it and have been using the kale in place of spinach, which I didn’t plant. I’ve used it in soup, with eggs, on small individual pizza and put it into a sort of sweet homemade salsa.

    As for Daniel Boone – in all of history there are many misrepresentations of the true facts. Any one who writes history will add their own opinion. Especially if a fact is not known.

    But it is true in the painting Boone looks like Elvis. I tried to find the painting, but it isn’t in the ‘ether’ that I can find. So you’ll just have to visit the old capital building in Kentucky 🙂

  2. ontheland says:

    Your dilemma reminds me of my difficulty distinguishing green Swiss chard leaves from spinach leaves sometimes because I usually harvest greens leaf by leaf into one container (rather than cutting a whole plant). However biting a piece of stem gives me the answer. 😊

  3. atkokosplace says:

    Your garden is amazing!. I love your raised beds too. And yes the parsley had to go somewhere…eventually you will be able to tell which is which! 😀 Have a happy Thursday! Koko

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