Dink’s Car

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Articles

A few months ago, Dink purchased his first car. For some reason we didn’t think to write about it then, but we are now! What happened is that our Ford Escort broke down again (this time for good), and our father had it at the auto shop. He knows the owner of the shop because we go there fairly often.

It so happened that the owner was trying to sell his son-in-law’s 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier for $2,000. Well, right away, our father thought about Dink and how he was going to need a car next year. So he bought it and Dink bought it from him for $1,000.00.

It’s not a bad car for a person’s first car, but for $2,000, it leaves some things to be desired.

Aside from it running a little rough and being quite loud, it had some other noticeable surprises for us.

The windows are electric and don’t work properly; you can roll them down, but it’s very difficult to get them back up. You have to keep clicking the button every 10 or so seconds, and each time you click the button, the window moves up about an inch.

Then there’s a small crack in the dashboard and the air conditioning doesn’t work quite right. Sometimes blows cold air, but sometimes it just acts like a fan and blows air of whatever temperature the outside air is. It’s actually really annoying, because you alternate being hot and cold; Dink might want to get this fixed.

The last thing is pretty minor, but still inconvenient on occasion. When you open a regular car door, it usually reaches a point where it doesn’t come back – it stays open. With this car, no matter how far you push back the door, it always comes back to close. So whether you are just trying to get into the car or reaching in to retrieve some belongings, if you forget about the swinging door, you will get bumped.

Anyway… for the $1,000 Dink had to pay, it’s really not bad. He’s looking at getting a cheap truck to use as a kind of summer project. He wants to learn how to fix cars, and he also wants to have a truck when it’s all finished. That seems like a good idea – we’ll see if it happens!

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Congrats to Dink on his first car! How exciting it must be. I remember my first car. It cost me 300 dollars and lasted about 3 months! Maybe it was longer than that, but not much longer. The owner wasn’t honest, but it was a lesson learned. I hope Dink has better luck with his! šŸ™‚

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