Bug Repellent Almost Here

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Yard and Garden

Our natural bug repellent, or marigolds, are getting ready to bloom.

This is our tried and true method of keeping destructive insects out of our bean patches and hopefully our cucumbers this year. What we do is plant about 6-10 bean plants and then a marigold plant, all the way down the row. For us, this has worked exceptionally well and last year, with the addition of the chickens, we barely had a beetle or grasshopper in sight and had the best beans ever.

This year, in addition to planting our bug repellents in the gardens, we will be placing lots of marigolds all around the yard and in particular, on our deck, in our driveway, around our blueberries, and at each entrance to our home.

Why? Because marigolds also repel mosquitoes and we all hate mosquitoes. Our father is lucky because he might get bitten once all summer. The rest of us get bitten a lot. We hope the smell of our marigolds drives them far, far away from us!

We also included a picture of two wisteria pods, which are quite interesting; even though they do look like a pea pod, they are poisonous and can kill you. You can, however, eat the flowers.

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I didn’t know that about wisteria! Marigolds are a favorite of mine. Any idea how to prevent cabbage pests from destroying cabbage? Besides covering the plant. I’m still learning how to grow/care for plants in the south! So much easier out west.

    • We think covering the crop is the easiest and best way; however, our dad says that there is a bacteria called Bacilluss Thuringiensis that will kill them. Insecticides containing this bacteria are sold as a powder or a liquid. This bacteria is pretty widely used, and you could probably have it shipped to you if you couldn’t find it locally. It is also reportedly safe for humans.

  2. Oh, I guess your hedgehogs are like our chickens 🙂 The chickens might be a little intimidated by slugs, but they do usually eat them.

  3. Libby says:

    Good idea – but here the slugs eat the marigolds! Hopefully the hedgehog will keep the slugs down, we seem to have so many of them (slugs, that is, not hedghogs.)

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