Finally! Success with an Avocado Seed!

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Articles
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The title says it all 🙂IMG_0180[1]

We tried to start 3 avocado seeds in the winter. All three of them were bathing in their water, toothpicks sticking in their sides. Nothing. Then in the spring, we put them out hoping the sun & heat would spur them on. Again, nothing – almost. Two of them just sat, but this one finally took root!

If you are trying to start an avocado tree, we’d like to tell you to just keep on trying. Eventually, you’ll get one to work! It did take us 4 months to get one to root, so it obviously takes a while! We have the small stem in a small pot, because we are going to keep our tree inside. Right now the little stick that is the avocado tree doesn’t look like much, but we’ll keep you posted!



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