Do You Play These Video Games?

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Articles
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Two popular videos game series, Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, have had multiple tests done with them, and according to the article we saw, it sounds like they have negative effects and nebulous positive effects on the human who plays these games.

The more commonly known negative effects are possible worsened eyesight over time and loss of living brain cells.

A new study was conducted, however, and it was shown that these games can also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the children (or older people) who play them. It also showed that children who regularly play these games and those like them are more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The only positive effect I read about is that it might improve a person’s reasoning skills.

The article goes into a lot of detail describing why playing these video games could increase the risk of Alzheimer’s or addiction, but I didn’t deem it necessary to put that all in this article.

Needless to say, playing a lot of video games is not healthy in any way. There are better things to do.

Source: Call of Duty increases risk of Alzheimer’s disease

  1. bert0001 says:

    NO, only angry birds — these days, and a lot of linux TUX games … like Freedroid, something you’ve never heard of šŸ™‚

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