Office Work Spaces

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Articles
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Today we saw an article about offices, and offices that got rid of actual offices, and just made them rooms with tiny cubicles for people to work in. They made all of their offices “open work spaces”.

Our dad works at an office building, and unfortunately, he only has a cubicle to work in. Just from reading the article (the picture looks very depressing), these open work spaces sound pretty bad.

The article said that most people don’t like them, and also that open offices don’t seem to boost morale or productivity. One thing in particular caught our eye; the fact that people are distracted most by noisy co-workers. Obviously, people in open office settings are interrupted more.

Our dad does have a cubicle, but he also works across from a woman who is on the phone almost all day long, and she is really loud according to our father. Sometimes he has to wear earplugs just to get his work done.

There were cases of that in open work places as well as you might imagine. All in all, open offices are a step down from office rooms with doors, and they don’t sound that great, according to both the article and our dad.

Hopefully our dad’s place doesn’t get rid of the cubicles too :/

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