I needed two new trumpet mutes for youth orchestra, so I now have three trumpet mutes: the Jo-Ral all aluminum Trumpet Bubble Mute, the Jo-Ral Trumpet Straight mute, all aluminum, and the Denis Wick Adjustable trumpet cup mute. The two mutes I needed for orchestra were the straight mute and the cup mute.

The sounds of all three mutes do differ ever so slightly, so I recorded short passages that I play with the straight and cup mute, and then a short blues tune with the bubble (Harmon) mute. I can hear a very slight difference in the sound with all three mutes, but you might not be able to hear the difference on the recording.

If you do happen to play the trumpet, you probably know that these are the three most common mutes, even though the Harmon mute is usually only used in jazz. These three mutes are probably the best kind to get, even though they might be a little more expensive.

Lastly, my playing in the video kind of cracks a lot, and that’s because of the mutes; I still haven’t gotten used to them. Hope you enjoy anyway!


  1. Cynthia says:

    Wow!! You are a good trumpeter!

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