The War On Drugs

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Articles

Occasionally, we will read a news report that suggests the “war on drugs” is suspect. We hear stories every now and again that the U.S. government is actually involved in bringing in at least some of the drugs.

After hearing another report today, I was reminded of something I read in a book about the son of a farmer in China during the 1920’s.

It’s true that the British sometimes brought opium to China which the Chinese government made illegal. They thought that opium would ruin all of China if no action was taken. However, with wars and other things that drained their treasury, the Chinese government needed money.

And when they needed money, they made the Chinese farmers grow poppies from which opium is derived. They harvested the opium and sold it to make money. In better times, any farmer who had even one poppy growing in their field would be arrested; however, when it suited them, the Chinese government made and sold opium even though it ruined people’s lives.

Does the U.S. government just need money? Honestly, I can’t imagine that they would with all the taxes they collect. If the president and his family can go on more vacations in one year than we go on in several years, I can’t imagine that the government is short on money.

But knowing what the Chinese government did, we wonder if the “war on drugs” is really legit.

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