End of the Year Acting and Singing

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Articles

This year, like last, I took an acting class. This time the play was about Robin Hood, except the main character was his daughter. Basically, it’s about Robin Hood’s daughter, Robin, who is turning eighteen soon and the queen of whatever land they live in wants her to get married as soon as she turns eighteen and then become queen. Robin doesn’t want to be married, so she thinks of a plot to have a contest and pick the best archer and swordsman as her husband, but she actually plans to disguise herself and compete for ownership of herself.

Then, through an odd and awkward series of events, it turns out that she actually does like one of the princes who comes to compete for her, and so they wind up getting married.

That’s basically it, with a lot of complications taken out. Wednesday evening was our acting class’s performance, and it was really fun. I played two characters: a wizard named Capers and also Robin Hood, the man. Like last year, I think one of the things I gained from the class was feeling more comfortable talking and making an idiot of myself in front of people, but this year I think I also got slightly better at talking loudly and clearly.

I also took a choir this year, which was pretty much just for fun, but I do like singing and I think the choir helps me to sing better. I apparently liked it pretty much, because I decided to take choir again next year!

Anyway, I like acting, but I’m going into high school next year and unfortunately, my school doesn’t have a high school acting class 😦 Oh well, I think two years is enough. I can take choir again, and whenever I’m out of school, there’s always church choirs!

By the way, my wig probably looks better than my real hair. I should really get a haircut.

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