After the Rain, A Chicken Feast!

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Videos, Yard and Garden
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Today was a rainy day and as usual on rainy days, worms were coming closer to the surface of the ground. That works to our chickens’ advantage, since they can easily spot the worms and pull them out of the ground. They like worms even though I personally don’t like hearing the stories of this phenomenon, at least not while I’m eating. It’s fine if I’m not eating, but I kind of lose my appetite when we go to the subject of chickens slurping up juicy fat worms…

Since it was rainy, we filmed the chickens getting worms, and you can see a few of them pretty good. Mind you, their main feast was already over by the time we retrieved a camera. Had we gotten them just as they started, you would have seen all six of them slurping down a worm every couple of seconds. One funny thing about chickens and worms: if the worm is really big, sometimes the chicken will back away from it and sometimes not even eat it. They really are chicken 🙂

In addition, towards the end, you should notice that they are eating violet flowers. They love eating them, which is a little odd, but people eat them too, so why not? Anyway, it was their dessert after their large protein intake.

Hope you like the video!


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