Trader Joe’s – What’s The Big Deal?

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Reviews

Through a series of happenings, my mom had a really long wait somewhere, and she was pretty bored. There was a Trader Joe’s nearby, and since we have heard so much about this establishment, she wanted to go in and shop a bit while she was waiting.

You can examine a few of the items she purchased. The soft ten grain bread is pretty standard bread, perhaps a little bit more “real” than some, but the Greek yogurt was not my favorite. I usually like honey Greek yogurt, but not in this case. The peach yogurt was alright and not as sweet as brands such as “Yoplait” or “Dannon”, but I didn’t like the thick texture. The mini scones were also not good, in our opinion. The texture was not at all like a scone, felt fake, and they were way too sweet for our taste – and we like sweet things. The last thing was some chocolate granola. Again, it tasted fake and unhealthy – perhaps okay for a dessert, but definitely not for any kind of breakfast in our opinion.

All in all, we couldn’t figure out what the big deal is with Trader Joe’s. The produce was nothing to speak about and the store seemed to just be filled with a lot of junky snacks like the ones in the pictures. For some reason we thought Trader Joe’s was a healthy food store. Can anyone tell us what we are missing?

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I find I have to go to several stores to get all the things I need. Trader’s is a store I go to. In my area the produce is good and one of the lesser expensive places to shop. I don’t buy bread products there as I make my own. Meat is pricey but I can get some grass-fed items. Just like all stores you just have to sort through what is good. šŸ˜€ Have a terrific day.

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