Old Fashioned Work Wins!

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We saw a video comparing a man cutting tall grass with a scythe with another man cutting another patch of tall grass with a weed whacker, and it’s pretty amazing. The man with the scythe cut his grass so much faster than the man with the weed whacker.

Seems like good old-fashioned work beats all. Also, the man operating the scythe looks much stronger than the other man. So, in addition to getting your work done quicker, you can also get a much better work out!

In any case, the video is really cool, so you should check it out.

  1. Greg W. says:

    What you have to notice about the circumstances in this video is that they are weighted in favor of the man with the scythe. The purpose of a weed whacker is to clean up around the edges and to get into corners where tools such as a lawnmower or, in this case, a scythe, would not be able to access easily. This video has assigned the same task to two instruments with completely different purposes. No one would pick up their week whacker and set to work to mow the entirety of their front lawn.

    Whoever filmed this has picked an antiqued tool with one purpose and pitted it against a modern tool with a completely different purpose. It seems probable that a man with a lawnmower or a tractor would have finished in around the same time as the man with scythe.

    Furthermore, the grass cut with the scythe looks ragged and uneven and there are large clumps of grass that will have to be raked up. The weed whacker took a little longer but the finished product looks more presentable.

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