Another Illegal Telemarketing Scam

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Articles
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This morning, my mom got a call to our land line from a mysterious caller. The name was our father’s name, and the number was…our land line number. So in other words, the phone that was being called was being called by – ourselves. That’s a bit odd, don’t you think?

At first, my mom got a chill because the only way she knew this could happen (or so she thought), was if someone was calling our phone from inside our home, on a different phone. And she was alone this particular morning. Not quite dismissing that possibility, she next recalled a horror movie entitled “The Babysitter” in which a crazed man was calling a babysitter. She was trying to protect herself from the outsider, but alas, the crazed person was calling from inside the house!

After only a minute or two, our mom realized something weird was going on and asked Mr. G (Google) what this phenomenon was. She saw that this is just yet another type of scam, and apparently it’s been around since last summer (2014), but this is actually the first time we’ve seen it.

Since most everyone has some type of caller ID system in place now and will not pick up on callers they do not recognize, scam artists get lists of nearby businesses and neighbors (and even yourself) to make it look as if a business or neighbor is calling you. This, in the hopes that you will answer your phone, and the scammers can have their way with you.

In any case, don’t trust your caller ID! Our mom didn’t pick up, but if you happen to be fooled by it, just hang up before they can say anything or as soon as you know it’s a scam. A real person calling for a real reason will always leave a message.

Speaking of scams, around tax time each year, our parents get a phone call from the “IRS”. They always leave a message and say we are in trouble and if we want to avoid further trouble, we’d best call the given number.

Our parents never call because they know that the real IRS communicates only via USPS, never by phone nor by email. An IRS agent will only call you if you have called them first. Then, you will know their name and they will only be returning your phone call, not initiating one.

People are so very creative – they never run out of ways to scam you!

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