Peak Dry Whole Milk Review

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Reviews
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We thought that maybe if milk ever wasn’t available at the stores for whatever reason, it would be nice to have some backup. No, we didn’t buy a cow. We actually bought dried milk which you mix in water to make stuff that looks and tastes essentially like milk. The brand we bought is Peak, and the product is Dry Whole Milk.

We mixed up some in water and braved it. It actually looks exactly like milk, but there’s something about the aftertaste or right before the aftertaste that’s a little weird. It could be because we had it warm, but it wasn’t that great. I then put a little bit of ice in it, and it was much better. When I was about done with the cup I put in some chocolate syrup to see if it made good chocolate milk, and it certainly does, though there’s still a weird taste for a second.

If all else fails, this dry milk is a pretty darn good substitute, and on a scale from one to ten I would rate it a 9. It looks like it doesn’t last that long (expiration date), so maybe don’t stock up on loads of it; it might go bad on you. But I would definitely recommend getting some if you use milk and want to have a little bit in your pantry just in case.


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