Garden Plants and Dismantling A Fence

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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As promised for my mom’s birthday, I have started work tearing apart the fence that looks – well, looked – really bad. I got most of it done, and tomorrow I will remove about 8 boards and I will be finished, whereupon we can research how to install a new fence and proceed to put it in.

As you know, we planted broccoli into a raised bed, and said broccoli is doing well now. The strawberries we put in are also coming up, even though a couple of the plants died. Still, that won’t be a problem, since we can fill the empty spots with the runners we’ll be getting. In addition to broccoli and strawberries, we have put in spinach and lettuce into small raised beds, and they are now thriving. One lettuce looks like we’ll be able to start eating some of it soon. The spinach we had nowhere near filled the raised bed, so we planted seeds in the rest of it which hopefully will come up shortly.

Our garlic from last year is doing well and we added onions to the same raised bed. We had excess onions as well, so we put those straight in the ground. They are looking a bit peaked, if not dead, but hopefully they will perk up. The only other things we’ve put straight in the ground as of yet are three kinds of peas: regular old peas (Lincoln), sugar snaps, and Asian pea pods. They should be poking up this week.

With the warmer weather we’re having these days we’ve put our tomatoes out as well as our peppers, and one pepper that is still inside has formed a few flowers. I wonder if it’ll make a mini-pepper… We also ate the cucumbers that our plants made inside and they were pretty tasty, but quite small. They have been moved to a large container outside.

Spring is here with all the work it brings to do outside. After such a cold and long winter, it’s been great. Hope you all are enjoying it as well!

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