Posted: April 9, 2015 in Articles
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In Ogden, Utah, a man built a small fort out of cardboard boxes for his children and their friends to play in. He built it knowing that it would not be a permanent structure, and it sounds like he was only planning for it to stay up for 14 days. That was assuming the weather did not destroy it first.

After he built the fort, a neighbor of his reported him and the city told him to take it down within two weeks or get fined.

We know that a lot of people get upset with city officials when they restrict people on their own property like this, but what bothers us even more, are the people who always seem to be behind the officials’ actions. Yes, the people who report on others.

They do not go directly to the person they report in order to voice their complaint and have a discussion. They do not practice any tolerance for anyone who may be doing something that they would never consider doing. They generally like their neighborhoods to be tidy and orderly, and if anyone messes up their neighborhood, well, they report them.

This type of neighbor reminds us of one of the neighbors we used to have. We used to call them Wakitos, a name made up by someone in the family.

Anyway, our neighbors were basically really nosy, pushy people, and therefore the term “Wakito” has come to mean, in our house, a person who makes your business their business; a person who makes your home their home; a person who makes your yard their yard. That person who turned in the box fort builder was definitely a Wakito!

In our opinion, people like that need to live in covenant neighborhoods and leave normal neighborhoods for normal people.

Source: The box fort in Ogden

  1. LOL. These comments were left by our sister who actually made up the name “Wakito”. Our sisters apparently developed a character named “Bonnie Wakito” one summer when they were young(er) and spent an entire summer developing her and a possible video 😀 Sorry for the misspelling!

  2. Anonymous says:

    But anyway you really should fix the spelling in your article. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is spelled “Wakito.” Can’t believe you didn’t now that.

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