Can You Say That?

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Articles
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Yesterday we heard an audio clip in which Michelle Obama enthusiastically said, “Black girls rock!!! We rock! We rock!”

We’re not agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. In fact, we’re not really writing anything about the statement other than the fact that we were wondering why black people can say things like that, and why white people can’t.

The thing is, if a white person said anything like that and anybody knew about it, they would never get away with it.

It’s just like on Swamp People when the “native Americans” wear their native pride hats and talk about how native they are while none of the white people have any “white pride” shirts or hats on. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be on the show anymore.

These people say they are all about equality and also about being proud about who they are, but what they don’t say is that if the wrong people want to be equal and proud in who they are, well, forget about it.

When whites are not the majority anymore (soon), will they be able to say “White girls rock!!!” and wear caps that say “White Pride” on them?

Not putting anyone down, but if one group of people can do something, why can’t another group?

We are so sick of all this racial junk. Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Can we all just be people? Are we missing something?

  1. bert0001 says:

    … i seem to live in a different world …

    • What do you mean, Bert? Is it not like this where you live?

      • bert0001 says:

        no it is not like that in Western Europe;
        there is sensitivity about some 3rd generation immigrants from maghreb countries, a problem still to be solved, and employers and proprietors are known to sometimes discriminate on colour or surname.
        On the surface it looks like one is more racist here because of our language, but face it, you still call an african american different from a caucasian, and if you continue doing that, and continue to keep a ‘race’ tag on a drivers license or passport, you are never going to make progress on these issues. We don’t have that here.
        Besides, I don’t like to be called caucasian. I feel it is demeaning as much as it would be to be called dutchie.
        Next, our police force seems not to be acting like rogue bears on nobody, and barely ever use their weapons. There is no death penalty and people find freedom usually within 20 years.
        From my far away viewpoint, it looks like the 19th century civil war never ended but got frozen into a cold war that is still going on today. While my grandfathers blew up the entire continent of Europe and only could rebuild thanks to the american Marshall plan, creating 20th century societies. (not yet 21st … still a whole lot of work to do ..)
        It’s as if any society petrifies, once the first hard work has been done ….

        Just some wild ideas … 🙂 don’t think too much about it.

      • We like your wild ideas, Bert. Very interesting reading what you think.

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