Birthday Gifts and Cartoon Wrapping

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Articles

Our family celebrates birthdays by giving gifts to the birthday person, as lots of other people do (our parents told us their families did not do this when they were growing up!) In the past, all of the gifts were wrapped nicely, except for mine because I’m awful at wrapping. There were occasionally nice little messages, but in general, nothing marred the wrapping of the gift awaiting the birthday person.

With everybody in the family growing up, though, people got more imaginative. Namely, my sister. She  saw this cartoon strip somewhere, and it gave her a brilliant idea for all of her presents. She basically draws two people, one is holding something, and the other says, “Is that yours?” The one holding the thing then replies, “No.” She insists that this is funny, and while no one even chuckled the 1st several times, it is getting funnier over time (she has done it for a couple years now). To give you a a better idea of what it looks like, we’ve taken a picture of one of her representations.

In addition, we’ve put in the original cartoon that she saw. As I said, she insisted when she first started her tradition that it would get funnier over time, and last night on my mother’s birthday, she was proven correct. We all burst out laughing when we saw her picture once again.

Anyway, we had a nice celebration for our mom. She received several gifts, but the two biggest gifts were a laptop (which I am now writing on) and a pair of rubber boots to wear while working in the garden. She wanted rubber boots so she could just hose them off.

Those were the two main gifts, but I am also going to start working on repairing a fence, because it looks pretty bad and the chickens can escape our yard through it. That will be my gift, and one which our mom really loved.

Yesterday was a good day.

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