$10,000 Bounty – Who’s in The Lead Now

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized
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After Episodes 5, “The Pirate of the Bayou” and 6, “Gator Slayer”, Junior Edwards is no longer in the lead.

Joe & Tommy brought in an 11′ 2.5″ gator – not big enough.

Troy & Holden caught a gator they called “Fatboy”. Weighed a lot, but he wasn’t very long so they didn’t enter him

Junior caught “Big John” but he was smaller than his 1st entry, so he also did not enter this catch. Theresa, his wife, has deserted him for a wild river otter, so Junior may be calling on Duggie again even though he doesn’t want to. He thinks Duggie is very weird – which he is, but he’s a good partner.

Liz and Justin caught “Goliath”, measuring 11′ 2″.

But the new winners are Jeromy & David. They caught a gator in Violet with a crab and it measured 11′ 7″, beating Junior’s gator by 1/2 inch.

We are increasingly sickened by all the stupid things the narrator calls the gators and think we are going to create a list if we get amazingly bored over spring break. And once again, we want to complain about the subtitles. Who the heck cannot understand these people? We really don’t get it.

Anyway, we’re sorry Junior is no longer in the lead, but glad for David & Jeromy since they lost money in Raceland.

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