You Don’t Want To Live in Palm Beach County

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Articles
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We already didn’t like some of the things law enforcement officers do, even though of course we know there are a lot of good ones, but we weren’t aware of this other thing that some officers apparently do.

Some corrupt law enforcement deputies will plant evidence on people, and there is actually a website for anonymous deputies to post their techniques and methods of catching people. Of course, there is usually a reason that a deputy wants a person gone. Quoting one of the posts, they might want to get “Mouthy drivers, street lawyers, assholes and just anyone else trying to make my job difficult” off the streets.

An article on the D.C. Post was reporting on the above website and on one post in particular. They contacted the author who was then interviewed by the D.C. Post. The post was about the writer’s technique for arresting somebody he wanted gone. He basically keeps a bag of cocaine residue under his floor mat so that when he wants to arrest someone but can’t find anything real, he can take the bag from his car and somehow make it seem as if the other person had it, and then he’s set. He can just arrest them for that. The anonymous deputy even reminded his readers to remember to wipe the bag on the person’s skin so that it has his DNA on it.

He also has thought of an excuse should another officer catch him with the bag. You just say it must have stuck to your foot while walking through a place – for him, San Castle, since he’s in Florida.

So in his interview with Jeffrey Schlutz from the D.C. Post, the deputy said planting evidence on an individual is a common occurrence in Palm Beach. He actually said that it happens every day, and no one says anything. In fact, the sheriff there, Ric Bradshaw, supports this method and has actually used it. It’s also likely that this happens in other counties/areas as well, because the anonymous deputy said that they get new people from other areas sometimes, and they always have interesting ways to do things. It’s really bad in Palm Beach, but whether or not it’s as bad in other counties is hard to say.

Well, in the words of Jeffery Schlutz the interviewer, “This is terrible stuff they are doing. Just terrible.” But it’s more than that because there really is nothing people can do about it. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is actually being sued for it currently, but the anonymous deputy (we’ll call him Deputy Joe, like the D.C. Post article did) said that it will never make it to court. The law enforcement agency just pays the injured party, sometimes more than $200,000.

How are we supposed to feel about things like this happening in our country?

NOTE: If you read this article previously and saw the words “police department and policeman”, we apologize for our error. This is happening in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, not the Palm Beach County Police Department.

Source: Florida Deputy: “Planting Evidence and Lying is Part of the Game!”

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