Can Anyone Explain This?

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Articles
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My sister bought a sample pack of four bottles of maple syrup because she was out eating & shopping with my other sister, and she just wanted to, even though she doesn’t eat maple syrup. I usually make pancakes on Sundays, so she got it for me to use on my pancakes. She knows I like maple syrup. Yesterday, I made pancakes and we tried the syrup, and it is really good. It’s from Ben’s Sugar Shack in New Hampshire, and you can purchase this syrup online on the website linked above. That’s not exactly what we’re writing about, though; I also really liked the bottles the samples came in.

They are really small glass jugs with tiny openings at the top. I liked them so much that I decided I would keep a couple and use them as water bottles, however impractical that seems. I’ve been using them for two days but I’ll probably stop using them soon because I get tired of filling them up so frequently. Anyway, while washing them, I noticed something weird about them.

I filled them all the way with water and then turned them upside down to empty them. The water did come out for a while, but then it stopped. The water just sat at the tip of the opening, not coming out at all. It’s really weird, but my dad thinks it’s because of air pressure – there’s high air pressure right at the opening of the bottle and low air pressure at the other end of the bottle. He thinks that because the opening of the bottle is so small, air can’t easily get in every time water comes out, so that eventually there is less air pressure inside the bottle than there is right at the opening. This seems reasonable, right?

Anyway, it’s pretty cool, and also weird, but if anybody could explain this completely that would be nice. We have also filmed it to make sure you know what we’re talking about. Thanks!

  1. bert0001 says:

    … think your father is right …

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