Organic Stuff vs The Old Stuff

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Articles
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There are a lot of companies out there that make organic stuff: non-GMO, all natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free – you get the point. Everything that’s supposed to be good and healthy. You know, the trendy stuff. There are a lot of companies that make healthy products, and we have tried some of it.

Don’t get us wrong; we like the fact that companies are trying to get away from all the chemicals and other perversions, but if we were honest, some of the organic products just aren’t as good as the old stuff.

Just looking at lotion for now, the organic things do work somewhat, but here in the dead of winter – and it’s been winter for quite some time now with very cold and dry air, they just don’t work as good as say, Jergen’s or Aquaphor. We have a couple of organic lotions on our kitchen counter and in other various places in the house, but after several weeks of severely chapped skin on our hands, we finally went to the drugstore and picked up some good old Jergen’s and Aquaphor (for overnight).

Problem solved. No more dry and chapped hands!

We have the same problem with some organic foods; sometimes they’re just awful! They’re non-GMO and organic, which obviously we love, but they don’t taste good or in the case of chips, sometimes they are way too hard. Not crunchy hard, like break your teeth hard.


Tortilla Chips

What we want to tell companies which make organic products is, great idea! But also try to make your product just as good as the old stuff in terms of effectiveness or taste.

Anyway, we would also like to mention and review one organic food that is really good. It’s actually a tortilla chip made by Late July company.

They’re very light and crispy, they taste really great, and when combined with salsa, they make for quite a distraction, especially if you’re doing math homework. On a scale from one to ten, we’d rate them a ten, and we very highly recommend them! To buy these chips, you can click here.


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