Growing Cucumbers Inside & Other Miscellany

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Articles
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Our four cucumber plants have really done well so far. They haven’t been affected by fungus gnats (yet), and they’re looking really healthy. So healthy, in fact, that the very unexpected has happened…they’ve made flowers! We know that to pollinate an indoor plant, you just have to touch each of the flowers with the same finger, so that is what we are doing and we’ll see if they actually make any fruit.

big boy hybrid

Burpee Big Boy Hybrid Tomato

brandywine heirloom

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Brandywine OTV Heirloom Tomato

two tomato plants

two tomato plants

tiny mint seedlings

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Mint (spearmint, menthol, peppermint)

We also wanted to show everyone two different kinds of tomatoes we are growing.

One is a Big Boy hybrid tomato and the other is a Brandywine OTV Heirloom tomato.

We wanted to show it to everyone because we are fascinated by the different leaf shapes of the two plants.

See for yourself!

Lastly, we planted our sister’s mint seeds and they came up. They are so tiny, they have to be bottom fed and you have to squint to see them.

Winter is getting a little long now. It wouldn’t be so bad if the sun would just be out, but the dreary, grey skies along with the cold is beginning to get to all of us and we look forward to spring days (some of us not so much looking forward to summer), hopefully with lots of sun!

For everyone still in the dark, cold days of winter, keep your spirits up; nothing lasts forever except eternity.

NOTE: Cucumbers are Burpee Bush Champions

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