Piano Innards

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Articles, Videos

Everybody in our family except our dad can play the piano. We have an old Steinway walnut baby grand piano in our living room which my mom has had since she was young. It was made in 1968 which, unfortunately, was a bad year for Steinways since they used a different material for the hammers I think which was not deemed a success by the company.

We were thinking of selling it and getting an electric piano, because a baby grand takes up a lot of space, and we also thought we could get a decent amount of money for it. We soon found out that we would only be able to get $2,000 for it even though the buyer would sell it for over $35,000 once he spruced it up. We didn’t want to sell it for that little, so we decided to keep it.

But, in order to find out how much we’d be able to get for it, we had to clean it off, lift the top, get pictures, and look at numbers – all to send to the potential buyer. While we had the top lifted, I wanted to play a few songs and watch the hammers go up and down as I pressed the keys, as well as the pedal damper, and since I couldn’t play and watch them at the same time, I filmed it.

I am playing one of my favorite hymns. Hymns are basically the only thing I really like to play. I am in a choir at a Christian school and wish we sang hymns, but we don’t which is a little odd.

Anyway, I hope you like the video. My camera is making a lot of annoying sounds, sorry.

The hymn is And Can it Be That I Should Gain by Charles Wesley.

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