Invisibility Cloaks

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Articles

People have been making invisibility cloaks for a long time, and we’ve heard about them on and off. They use some kind of material that bends light rays around the object, which makes it invisible. Apparently, though, they used to only make objects invisible to microwaves. Now if you know what that means, great! I don’t. I have gathered, though, that it basically means things are invisible to radar – say if you cloaked a missile using that technology, radars would not be able to see it since radars use microwaves.

Now, professors and researchers at the University of Rochester and Arizona University have made a system using lenses which shield objects from view, even in the visible spectrum. They may also have a material which allows them to cloak things in the visible spectrum even without lenses, but I am a little unclear about that.

The reason for that is that the article is not well written. At the very least, it is not written with a layperson in mind.  The article is very brief and uses a lot of words and terms which I don’t understand, and which are not defined or explained, but I have gathered and can safely say that they can cloak things in the visible spectrum, and it is within their abilities to eventually cloak whole people from sight completely.

This could be a good or a bad thing, but it is amazing how far technology has advanced; people may be able to be invisible soon! That’s kind of been a common wish at least among our family, and it is already reality to a certain extent.

But if this stuff falls in the hands of the wrong people, and it probably already has, woe is us.

To read about invisibility cloaks yourself, here is one place you can visit:

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