Corn Starch Peanuts!

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Videos
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There is a new kind of packing peanut on the market that is made out of corn starch, instead of styrofoam. The benefit of this is that they are completely bio-degradable, so if you were to chuck one out of your car window, it would be gone with the next rain.

You know, right after I wrote that sentence, I thought, “Why would you have a packing peanut in a car, and why would you throw it out the window?” Well, I don’t know. But if you ever do have this kind of packing peanut in your car, you don’t have to feel bad about throwing it out the window!

Believe it or not, making that video was extremely difficult for me. It took about 7 tries and 2 peanuts. Yes, out of seven tries, I only got to the part where I put it in the water twice. Sad. Well, I am quite new to the art of video making, and I think it would be hard for me to actually make a good one. Take this one, for example; it took seven tries for me not to sound like a complete idiot. That’s scary, if this is the best of all of them…

Anyway, it took seven tries for me to not sound really unintelligent, for me not to accidentally put the camera in the water, and to not drop the peanut on the floor and have to spend a bunch of time picking it up, while the hand holding the camera shook, as the camera filmed nothing. I have other complaints, as well, such as the annoying noise which is constantly in the backround. That is my camera, not anything from our house. In addition, my camera maybe isn’t the best for filming, maybe my lighting wasn’t adequate, but in any case, lots of the video was out of focus.

My tongue also didn’t want to cooperate when it realized its sounds were being recorded, but despite all the troubles, I did get a video which I considered acceptable! I do hope it isn’t too shaky :/ Funny, after I finished smushing the peanut up in the video, the whole room smelled like corn.

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