Wu Ting, A Good King of China

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Articles
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Wu Ting was a king of China around 1200 BC, belonging to the Shang Dynasty. This was a long dynasty of China, and it was quite powerful and prosperous as well.

During Wu Ting’s time, the Chinese made bronze weapons, tools, and decorations out of beautiful brass, a symbol of the Shang Dynasty’s power. Bronze mines, located north of the Yellow River, were not happy places. The work was labor intensive, and the fact that the Shang kings could command people to work in the mines getting bronze demonstrated their power.

The king Wu Ting himself was a good man though he probably wasn’t of royal blood. The ancient history Shu Ching says Wu Ting spent his earlier life among the “lower people,” which were poor people and farmers. When he did become king, he did not speak much: “He did not speak for three years. Afterwards, he was still inclined not to speak, but when he did speak, his words were full of harmonious wisdom.” Wu Ting “admirably and tranquilly presided over the regions of Yin until throughout them, small and great, there was not a single murmur.”

I love ancient writings.

He also apparently went on a three year conquest against uprising tribes to his northwest. But what we find most interesting and good about him is that he was extremely hardworking, he actually cared about his people, and he refused to sink into luxury, which is what most kings did. He may not have been great in other ways. Shang graves sometimes had bodies (headless) in them, and archaeologists may have found an altar where the sacrifices had been made. This altar is in Yin, the Shang capital at Wu Ting’s time. Presumably the king knew human sacrifices were going on.

We just mainly like this guy because he did not speak much and he refused to sink into luxury.
That is quite admirable to us.

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