Swamp People – Gator Gridlock

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Articles
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Okay – we broke down and just paid for the season. It was too much of a pain to try to find a free show on the internet, especially when they usually don’t work. Yes, we actually paid to watch TV. Very sad day, but what’s done is done.

So anyway, after episode 2, “Gator Gridlock”, Junior Edwards is still in the lead for Johnny’s bounty money of $10,000 with an 11′ 6.5″ alligator he called Hercules. But on this episode, Bruce and Ron brought in an 11′ 1″ contender. Bruce wasn’t born yesterday, so he knows he has to get something bigger to win the bounty.

Highlights of the show: Joe and Tommy are back! They had to take a couple of years off after Hurricane Isaac destroyed their home. Joe put their house 14 feet in the air so hopefully it will never be destroyed again, at least by flooding. They went hunting in an area across the Mississippi River and never knew they had ever even stopped hunting alligators.

Bruce threw his rifle of 35 years into the swamp because 1st it jammed and then a piece of it broke off – each time when he was trying to shoot a gator. So finally, out of frustration, he chucked it into the water. Then he used an old, very rusty revolver that he kept in the bottom of a bucket to finish his hunting with for the day. Before they brought their gator to Johnny’s, Ron and he stopped in a store to buy a new gun. Bruce was looking for a rifle he was used to, first looking at the Savage .22, but Ron had his sights on a new gun – a .22 long rifle on an AR platform. After talking to Bruce for awhile, Bruce walked out with the new, new gun.

Other than that, David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt were back in Raceland and Jacob and Chase were hunting in an area with a lot of very large boats.

A very satisfying show since Joe & Tommy were back and we really like Bruce. He’s funny, he does funny things, him and Ron get along really well, and he just seems like an all-around great person.

Still cannot believe we actually paid good money to watch TV….

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