Why Does the Guy Have to Buy the Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Posted: February 15, 2015 in Articles

valentineEvery day, long before the actual event, we heard commercials on the radio about Valentine’s Day gifts guys can buy for their sweethearts.

Chocolates, diamonds, roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, and on and on.

Now maybe once upon a time, girls were like – girls. But now, well – aren’t they just as bad or even worse than the modern guys? It seems like the sexes have been reversed a bit; the guys have become girls and the girls are trying to become guys. They are always yelling and screaming that they are equal, darn it! They can do anything men can! Don’t open the door, don’t offer to carry my things. I can do it myself, thank you. You want something to eat, cook it yourself! You want a clean place? Clean it yourself!

So then, why do we have to buy the girls gifts? Buy them yourself. You don’t deserve to be independent most days except for a few, and be treated special only on select days, when it suits you. Take a hike!

And, for the many wondering out there, yes! This was written and edited by us while we were in a really bad mood. Every time we hear one of those commercials, though, it gets us kind of angry. Why aren’t there commercials for the girls to buy the guys something?

  1. bert0001 says:

    You could switch the commercials off, get into a good mood, and buy something for friday the thirteenth without telling the girl. (by the way: I always buy some gift for myself when buying one for someone else – I learned that from the kids)

    • Probably if you are “in love”, this isn’t a problem with all the commercials and all. You’d probably want all the ideas. Since we aren’t, they just annoy us and seem one-sided. I guess one day we’ll be blinded and not even realize it’s one-sided haha. Thanks for your ideas!

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