Omaha Steaks Review

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Reviews
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001Our uncle always sends us food for Christmas. Sometimes he sends a ham, but this year he sent us some gourmet burgers, gourmet franks, and sirloin steaks. They’re from the company Omaha Steaks, which obviously doesn’t only make steaks. Anyway, they’re all “gourmet” and they are quite good.We are also pretty sure they are quite expensive – just a hunch.

Anyway, the food is easy to make. Since they’re frozen, you just defrost them and then it’s like a regular hamburger/hotdog/steak. They are shipped in a heavy-duty styrofoam box with some dry ice which for us is one of the best parts about the gift lol. Does anyone not like to play with dry ice?

The company itself ships its food items to various places, and it’s a good company for giving gifts to anyone far away. The food is good, so you don’t have to worry about sending anything unsatisfactory to relatives/friends. We thought the gourmet franks were actually noticably better than any we’ve ever eaten and the burgers, while thin, fit perfectly on a store-bought bun. They also cook up right fast on a panini press 🙂

Getting Omaha Steak food items was a great gift for us. They made for some nice convenient meals when we were in a hurry, and all in all, I’d rate the food we received 10/10 (especially the burgers and franks. I just don’t care for steak that much).

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