Mini-Greenhouse Update!

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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As promised when we wrote about the tripod for the grow lights we got, we are writing about our seedlings now and how they are all getting along.

We’re starting more plants indoors than we have in a long time and we’re already looking forward to having a whopper summer as far as our vegetables go. We are not just starting vegetables indoors, we are growing other odds and ends. For one thing, if anything has a seed in it, my mom tries to sprout it, and it usually works. She had an orange, so she got some seeds, peeled off the outer shells, put them in a baggie in a damp paper towel and within a week, several had germinated. We also have two baby lemon trees. An avocado seed, which, in my opinion, looks like a blood spattered egg, is sitting in a jar of water. It’s been there for quite some time, but no luck with it yet. And, of course, a pineapple top was placed in some dirt to grow, yes, a pineapple plant. But those odds and ends are just for fun. We also have a grapefruit tree and a clementine tree. They have annoying thorns, but the leaves are nice and shiny.

Aside from the plants we’re growing this year that we usually don’t, we have some regulars, like broccoli, Swiss chard, different varieties of tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, and cucumbers. We’ll also be growing some zucchini and corn, but those get planted later, outdoors. All of the plants are coming up nicely, making the corners of some rooms look like miniature greenhouses.

We’ve actually been feeding the small Swiss chard and broccoli leaves to the chickens, because they are starved for green things to eat (we have a LOT of seedlings). It doesn’t hurt the plants, but rather helps to strengthen their stems and roots. Speaking of roots, we planted some of the seedlings in clear plastic cups, and it’s pretty cool, because we can see the roots. The plants above the soil stay very small until the root systems develop enough. We can see the roots through the cup, and they get pretty extensive before the plant tops begin to start growing a lot. It’s quite fascinating, actually.

Look for more updates on the plants! We have an interesting set up for out peas, but we want to let them grow a bit more before we show you that. Good luck on any gardening you’re doing!

  1. atkokosplace says:

    It’s so fun reading about your seedlings and how they are doing! I was surprised how thorny lemon trees are. We had one in a past home. The thorns were so long! But gosh did those lemons make the best lemonade drinks! 🙂

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