Young Orcas Dying on the West Coast

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Articles
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Just as various sea animals such as dolphins and sea lions in the Pacific Ocean were dying, orcas (killer whales) are also dying near the West Coast. A lot of mothers are pregnant, but don’t actually give birth; they die before they can. If they manage to live long enough to give birth, the calves are either stillborn or they die shortly after being born. In addition to young killer whales dying, older whales are dying as well; they are dying before they should from old age.

In September (of 2014, presumably), a first calf to be born in two years, lived less than a month. The last surviving calf was from August 2012, and Ken Balcomb (Center For Whale Research in Friday Harbor, Washington) says that they need at least two or three births a year to keep the population up, but they like for there to be four or five births for a healthy and growing population.

Some people think these deaths are caused by the radiation from Fukushima. There isn’t definite proof that the radiation is what is killing them, but the orcas are in the direct path of the radiation making its way across the Pacific, so it’s a pretty good guess.

If one nuclear power plant melt down can cause so many problems (and it isn’t over yet), wouldn’t it seem logical to shut down the rest of the plants, especially those made with the exact same design?

Source: West Coast orcas experiencing 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifts across ocean

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