State Officials in Oklahoma Might Officially Be Above the Law

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Articles
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Kevin Calvey of Oklahoma is a representative and is pushing House Bill 2206, which is a bill that would make Oklahoma district attorneys unable to punish state officials. The bill would only allow for the state’s Attorney General to prosecute state officials, making them effectively exempt from prosecution of crimes handled at the local level.

That’s right; they want to make it illegal (for the district attorneys in Oklahoma) to persecute Oklahoma state officials for any public offense, no matter what the offense is. This is part of the official bill:

“The jurisdiction of a prosecution against a principal in the commission of a public offense, when such principal is a state elected official, state legislator, district court judicial officer, appellate judicial officer or an appointee of a state board or state commission at the time of the commission of the offense, is within the sole and exclusive prosecutorial authority of the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Such an action must be filed in the county of residence of the state officer.”

So they want to put state officials above the law, and depending on who they elect as Attorney General of Oklahoma, it could mean no state official would ever be persecuted, since the Attorney General could just excuse him, being the only one with the power to punish him.

It seems really criminal, but that is pretty status quo for our government today. If passed, it will undoubtedly lead to more corruption and unaccountability. And if one state succeeds in passing this bill, how many more will follow? How many more states will put their officials in their own special protected class, even more so than they already are?

Is it any wonder that normal people who want to live their normal lives in peace are beginning to despise certain other people who like to hold themselves above everyone else?

Source: Lawmakers Trying To Pass Bill Exempting Politicians From Arrest And Prosecution For Corruption

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