The Benefit of Older Cars

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Articles

Our title resembles another title we used a while ago, The Benefit of Bad Cars. There’s not much benefit in bad cars except in our imagination, really. There is, though, a benefit to older cars, as long as they’re not too old, and they don’t have too many miles.

Spanking brand new cars are manufactured today with a lot of fancy things that aren’t necessary. Not only are they not necessary, they can actually be bad for your car sometimes. And while there are a few features that might be fancy and look cool/be cool to use, in the end, they can cost you more money than a modest car.

We read an article which listed five things new cars now have that can cost you a lot of money. We are going to mention three of those things:

1) A lot of new cars have touch screens to control audio, air conditioning, etc. They don’t have regular buttons and dials, but while buttons and dials don’t wear out easily, touch screens can break, and then your air conditioner/radio is permanantly on, off, hot, cold, loud, or soft. That would be unfortunate. Of course, you could replace the touch screen, but to do that you have to pay.

2) New cars that try to be fancy also possess large wheels, which ultimately results in more money wasted. For one thing, large wheels increase rolling resistance which makes your gas mileage less. So bigger wheels effectively make you buy more gas.

3) The last thing we’ll mention from the article is that new cars have electric keys instead of good old metal keys. Metal keys aren’t likely to break, but electric keys can stop working at which point it would be easy to get another one, but it costs a lot of money. The author of the article recommends you get 3-4 electric keys when purchasing a car if it has this feature because replacing one costs more than $300.00. Metal keys are very inexpensive to replace.

In the end, new cars can cost you a lot more money if you want the extravagant features, not just initially, but also to maintain.

When I get my license, I will probably try to get a car that’s good and not too old, but not one with a lot of fancy gadgets. We don’t even like electric windows.

If you want to see the two other reasons new cars are bad, you can read the article for yourself. We didn’t include them here because they weren’t as interesting to us. Good luck to you if you are in the market for a new car!

  1. bert0001 says:

    the electric frozen window and the child that wanted to test how strong the mechanism would be … and it wasn’t. 🙂 …

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