The Resemblance of US Common Core to Chinese Communist Core

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Articles
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Lily Tang Williams is a Chinese immigrant who is speaking out in various ways against Common Core, the US educational initiative that specifies what K-12 students have to be taught. She is also speaking out about certain liberties in this country that she knows are declining. Ms. Williams speaks at conferences and has a YouTube channel. She is also a State Director of Our America Initiative, a non-profit liberty group in America. She recently spoke at the Colorado House to repeal the large ammo magazine ban, and in support of the Second Amendment. She also recently made a video in which she talked about her experience with the Chinese Communist Core, and how the Common Core in America is exactly like it.

She said in China, students were made to write a diary and give it to the teacher for review. She said they were encouraged to report anybody who had politically incorrect speech. People in the U.S. are told to report their neighbors and even family for “suspicious activity”. Furthermore, Chinese schools kept records of each individual student. They kept records of their behavior, where they lived, any politically incorrect speech, and more. They kept taking records of each student, all through middle school, high school, and college. Even when you had a job, they kept records on you. Although Lily Tang Williams moved to the United States, she knows the Chinese government still has her records back in China, and it worries her that the U.S. schools are also keeping records on American children.

She has also stated that the Chinese testing system is bad. Chinese children are trained to take tests, to do well on the tests. Everyone takes standardized tests, and anyone who doesn’t pass a major test, like one to graduate from high school, will not graduate. She says the emphasis on test taking takes the joy out of learning; it makes the student learn only to pass a test, and that is exactly what happens now in America.

Children in China are also not taught actual Chinese history; they do not even know what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989. One last thing we’ll mention from her video is that the Chinese are not allowed to own any guns. They cannot protect themselves.

Anyone currently under common core or any parents with children, should think about watching her video and reading her writings. Uninformed and uninvolved parents are part of the problem. If Americans do not put a stop to the decline of our nation, they have only themselves to blame.

Lily Tang Williams is really a good person to watch, even if it’s just this video. It kind of wakes you up, you know?

  1. bert0001 says:

    There are more similarities … albeit that the invasion of the native territories happened 100 years earlier in the history of the united states, while the invasion of Tibet and Inner Mongolia are still talked about … that is outside China.

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