Appalachian Outlaws, Season 2

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Articles
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This week also marks the beginning of a new season of Appalachian Outlaws, another show that we like. It’s about people in the Appalachian mountains who dig ginseng roots and sell them for a lot of money. Ginseng roots are popular in the Far East where the root is used for many medicinal purposes. It’s apparently very expensive, so people dig the roots up, sell them to other people, and make most all their money for the year in the ginseng season. Anyway, Appalachian Outlaws is just a show about people’s adventures when digging ginseng.

We like the show, but we’re confused about the way they come by the ginseng. Some people have property of their own that they dig on, but some people go on other people’s property. They poach on other people’s property and sometimes get chased, shot at, or something like that. Most recently when someone was on another guy’s land, he was chased by people with dogs and ended up having to go through a cave. He did, though, get the ginseng he was after. Anything for money!

We’re also really wondering why these people don’t just collect some of the seeds from the plants and plant them near their house. They take about 6 years to grow big enough to dig, but they can just plant a bunch and harvest them later. It would be much simpler that way; if everyone planted their own ginseng, no one would have to poach on other people’s land. Then again, we don’t know all the details about growing ginseng, so maybe that’s not possible, though I don’t know why it wouldn’t be.

Appalachian Outlaws airs on History Channel Monday on 10/9 Central Time. It is an odd show with odd people in it. They don’t seem to care too much about stealing from others in general, but we still enjoy watching the show 🙂

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