Who Does the Pope Work For?

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Articles
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Gina McCarthy, an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Administrator, is going on a five-day trip to visit Geneva, Rome, Florence, and Vatican. This trip is happening so that McCarthy can talk about climate change – specifically, doing something about climate change. She’ll be having meetings in each of these countries, discussing Obama’s “climate action plan.” She is hoping that these meetings will make people better understand the challenge of addressing climate change and also create a good discussion of “how the work of the church, the work of all faiths, can actually be … a way that recognizes and addresses climate change.”

Now, if you read the article, you’ll notice that some of my wording is the same as theirs. Do forgive me, but I have trouble taking this topic seriously. Climate change is a bit of a joke to me, so I had some trouble coming up with unique wording. Anyway, we are wondering what the heck the Vatican has to do with global warming. Why should the pope be involved in addressing global warming? Well, to answer both of our questions, it doesn’t have anything to do with it, and he shouldn’t be.

If only people would use their brains, maybe just enough to read history. Global warming as well as global cooling is just a natural occurrence. Why don’t the climate change people explain why there was a period of global warming long before the industrial revolution? Why don’t people ask themselves why it is that some very, very corrupt individuals say they are concerned about global warming and happen to have the solutions to the problem which happens to involve taking more money from the population and putting it into their pockets? Why don’t people understand that when something is crammed down their throats that it is not genuine?

Anyway, the fact that this pope is getting on board with this piece of political garbage speaks volumes about who he serves.

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