Police Officers Can Legally Take Your Money

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Articles
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That’s right! We mean that on the road, they can take your money. For instance, if an officer stops you for any reason, even if it’s just for switching lanes without signalling, he might start talking to you and eventually ask to search your car. He might do it under the pretense of something about drugs or terrorism, but according to the article cited below, chances are he is checking to see if you have any cash in your car. If you do, he can take it – legally. Again, he might say it’s because he thinks the money is the proceeds of a crime, so you can’t really do anything.

You can, however, go to court over it. Chances are, unless the cash was actually the proceeds of a crime, that you can get it back. But it might take a while, and you have to pay for a lawyer, it takes time, etc. Therefore, though you might get the money they took back, it might not be worth it. And if somebody doesn’t have the time or money to go to court, the money is lost to them.

It’s criminal, I know, even though it technically isn’t according to U.S. law. But there’s really nothing you can do if it happens besides go to court which is a big hassle, or lose the money which, depending on how much it is, isn’t the best option either. So chances are, the police department will be getting pretty much money this way.

You can, however, do you best to prevent this from happening. You can help prevent it by doing nothing for which an officer could pull you over, or just carry no cash whatsoever.

Horrible fact: the official Canadian website has a warning to its residents not to carry cash on them whilst visiting the U.S. because of this very problem. That’s probably our best bet as American citizens as well. Any warning that applies to Canadians definitely applies to U.S. citizens, even more than Canadians!

We think it is amazing that the Canadian government is warning its citizens when visiting the United States. Usually we hear of warnings when going to Mexico, for instance, and now we are hearing of another government warning its citizens about our country. Wow.

By the way, read the “Travel Advice” at the bottom of the following article. As we said, what is good for visiting Canadians is good for us too.

Source: American shakedown: Police won’t charge you, but they’ll grab your money

It turns out it’s a good thing we didn’t publish this article until we saw this piece of news. Apparently Attorney General Eric Holder said that police officers will no longer be able to do this – they can’t take money and justify it by using a federal law (saying they thought it was proceeds of a crime).

That’s good! Try not to get caught for anything anyway, but at least now we know taking one’s money without evidence that you have committed a crime is illegal!

Source: U.S. attorney general bans asset seizure by local police

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