Various Assorted Weird Cookies

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Articles
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Our sister plays her violin about once a month at a church. One of the ladies there apparently really likes her, and she often gives our sister gifts of food items. There’s quite a bit of variety, and we’ve never reviewed any of them, so we’re going to review some of them in this article.

The five snacks we are currently enjoying are Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte (Hazelnut Cream Wafers), Butter Cookie (European Luxury Waffles), Cheese Flavour Po Teau Crackers, Kook Hee Peanut Flavour Biscuits, and lastly, a nice light cracker which has names, nutrition facts, etc. on the box written completely in Korean (we think). We’ll just call them the “Korean tea crackers” for the purposes of this article.

The Hanuta wafers have a chocolate hazelnut filling. They are a product of Germany and while I don’t think they are too sweet, others in our family feel as though they’ve saturated their whole body in sugar after eating one. In any case, we rate them 10/10. You can buy these on among other places.

The Butter Cookies taste very much like waffle cones to us. In fact, we sometimes break them up and have them with ice cream. They are fairly light and crispy with a great flavor. You can find a similar butter waffle cookie at Trader Joe’s. These are quite good (9-10/10).

The Po Teau are pretty much like Ritz Bits, your average fake cheese flavored stuff in between two crackers. These crackers were not even as substantial as Ritz crackers; they were not our favorite (1/10).

Kook Hee Peanut Flavour Biscuits are like peanut butter crackers, better than the Po Teau things, but not the best (4-6/10).

Lastly, the Korean tea crackers, which you will probably never find unless you go to an Asian grocery store and identify them by sight, are really great light crackers, not too sweet and taste more “real” than either the Po Teau or Kook Hee crackers. Some females we know like to have these with their tea. We rate them 10/10.

So thanks to our sister’s violin playing abilities, we get to try all kinds of different treats. Even though some of them are not the best, it’s fun just to try them. One funny thing about these snacks is that we always find them individually wrapped – and if not individually, the packets hold only a few of the cookies. American products aren’t packaged like this. We wonder why. Is it because we eat a lot more than people in other countries?

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