Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr ?

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Articles
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Since we were on the subject of Martin Luther King in yesterday’s article, we’d like to mention a new video by Mark Dice. As you might expect, it was about MLK, and in his usual fashion, Mark Dice was talking to random people in California, where he lives.

In this video, Mr. Dice was mainly telling people that Martin Luther King had just passed away at the age of 93, but he also attributed things to Mr. King which were false. As usual, almost every person had no clue.

Some of the things Mr. Dice said about Mr. King? He said that MLK was once a Confederate general, he was the first African American to walk on the moon, and he was the first African-American to be put on Mt. Rushmore. Everyone was remorseful that MLK had just died, but no one seemed to know who he actually was. We don’t know everything about the man, but we certainly know everything Mark Dice was saying was ridiculous. A Confederate general ?!?!?

There was, though, one guy at the end of the video who knew he had died a long time ago, and that he had been murdered. At least someone knew! We always find these videos entertaining, but also sad. And we wonder how Mark Dice can say such ridiculous things without cracking up laughing (or getting very angry). If you decide to watch the video,

*** CAUTION *** Ignorant people ahead. They may be hazardous to your health.

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