Painting Our Room

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Our room has been a bluebird blue for as long as we can remember and we wanted it gone!

We wanted to paint our room a stark, glossy white 🙂

So we decided this morning that that was what we were going to do. We had some old paint left over which should be just about enough and we had plenty of cheap but new rollers around.

The only problems were a large hole in the wall (Dink jumped on his bed and jumped a little too vigorously, knocking a hole in the wall), and a bunch of name stickers from youth group that Dink stuck to our door each and every Sunday that he attended. Actually, the hole had been patched, but something else happened and the patch got knocked in, as you can see.

No problem, we were just going to leave the hole (for now, famous last words) and just paint the inside of our door, thereby leaving the name labels in place.

Here are some pictures of us outlining the walls so that after we eat, we can just use the rollers to get the first coat on the walls. It’s cold outside so we wont be able to sleep with the windows open, but we will run our Austin air filter on high all night long. It should take care of any fumes.

Anyway, we like stark, shiny white walls. It looks clean and open to us. Our sister thinks it’s a horrible choice, but oh well. She can paint her room whatever color she wants hers. We like white 🙂

  1. Libby says:

    I quite like to look of the blue but I guess you are ready for a change. White is a good alternative. A few years ago my son decided to re-decorate his room – white walls with matt-black woodwork. I was dreading it but actually it looks quite good!

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