U.S. History Test For High School Seniors In Tennessee

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Articles
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A Tennessee state legislator suggested an idea for a bill. The bill would make all high school seniors take and pass a test to see whether they know and understand US history and the Constitution. The test they would take would be like the one legal immigrants must take before they become US citizens. There are one hundred questions, and the students would have to answer 60 out of the hundred questions in order to pass the test and receive their diplomas.

It seems like a pretty good idea to me, though I know the students could just study hard, pass the test, and forget everything they learned. But I think it might do some good to make them read and actually know things about our history, because even if they forget it, it’s more than most people would do. And most people probably would forget it, but I think there would be a few who would actually retain the knowledge. In any case, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

If nothing else, it would make them realize for a time that we do have freedoms given to us not by government, but by God, and that America was once a Christian nation.

The writer of the article goes into some detail about why she thinks kids are less and less interested in history in general. She also gives a sample test of 40 questions, all of which were taken from the Naturalization Test for U.S. Citizenship. I confess, I could not answer all the questions. Why don’t you give it a shot, if you are an American, and see how you do? Like me, you can find the answers to the questions you missed thereby increasing your knowledge.

America was once a great nation and we are all responsible for trying to make it great once again. We can’t just be lazy and expect our country to be the country it once was. Each one of us can make small improvements to ourselves each and every day and share our ideas with people we rub shoulders with. We can inspire one another to be great and if the people are great, well, wouldn’t the country be great as well?

Source: Salvation And Survival: Are You Worthy To Be A Citizen?

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