Up is Down, Right is Wrong

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Articles

In Houston, the mayor therein is trying to deny pastors the right to a jury trial, while in Atlanta a fireman is fired for his beliefs. Covering two separate articles, we wish to point out the hypocrisy that some people are quite oblivious to, but seems very obvious to us.

First of all, the lesbian Houston mayor, Annise Parker, passed a law that allowed “gender confused” people to use any bathroom they want. Pastors then had a petition going to repeal the law, and when the city said the signatures were invalid, the pastors sued the city.

Now the mayor is trying to deny the pastors the right to a jury trial in their lawsuit against the city, instead trying to make the decision belong to a single judge.

Before this, the mayor was trying to censor the pastors’ sermons by demanding that any sermon or correspondence which dealt with homosexuality, gender identity or the city’s Equal Rights ordinance about letting confused people use whatever bathroom they felt comfortable in on any given day, be turned over to the authorities.

Now moving on to another case, a fireman, Kelvin Cochran, was fired because he wrote books and used them to teach young men about Jesus and the problems with premarital sex, heterosexual or otherwise. This man, who did nothing against anyone, was fired at his job as the fire chief of Atlanta for that (his speech is included in the link below and is worth listening to).

Now the Houston mayor was trying to take away the pastors’ right to a jury trial as well as censor their sermons. She was clearly doing things against them, and nothing happened to her. The fireman, though, was only sharing his beliefs and not harming anyone. The harmless fireman was fired, while the mayor trying to suppress pastors’ sermons and take away their right to a jury trial, had nothing done to her.

The thing wrong with this is that the person actually trying to harm people was left alone, while the person doing nothing against anyone lost his job.

That’s the way it looks to us. We may not have worded it as clearly as it could have been worded, but we do know that something is fishy when we look at both of these stories. Something is fishy.

Sources: http://downtrend.com/robertgehl/lesbian-houston-mayor-now-trying-to-deny-pastors-right-to-jury-trial/


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