Great Falls National Park

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Articles

Yesterday I went with one of my friends and his dad to Great Falls National Park. This is a park in Maryland, and there’s also a part Virginia. It overlooks Great Falls, which is in a part of the Potomac River. There are a lot of hiking trails, and an overlook for Great Falls, which, in my opinion, isn’t all that great, but there are some pretty awesome rapids around it. The scenery was also enhanced by the fact that some of the water was frozen. The C&O canal leads to Great Falls and to the hiking trails around it, so you could bike to it from anywhere along the C&O canal.

Aside from the overlook and the hiking path, you can go off the path to some pretty nice places, where you can do multiple things. You can, if the water is frozen, throw rocks on it and try to break it, throw rocks and see who can make them go the farthest, or if it’s not frozen, you can just throw rocks in and watch the splash. You can also climb rocks, which can be a bit perilous if there’s snow (and ice), and go exploring. We partook in most of these activities, except that we couldn’t do too much exploring or climbing because of the snow.

Great Falls is a really nice place to go for climbing, exploring, and hiking, as well as for jumping from rock to rock. And, if you’re more the touristy type of person, you can simply look at all the nice views, of which there are plenty.

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