Winter Chicken Food

Posted: January 9, 2015 in Yard and Garden
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Our chickens, after the snow here, refused come out of their coop for three days, so they had nothing to eat but cracked corn and regular feed. They are usually let outside to roam in the afternoon and they eat grass, worms, vegetation in our compost, etc.

So today, we wanted to give them a big treat.

We had read something earlier in the year about food for chickens in the winter. The article we read said to freeze the grass you cut down in the fall. Really. After cutting the grass, the article said to just collect it and put it in a bag, and put the bag in the freezer for the winter.

We were skeptical, but we still did freeze 2 gallon ziploc bags. Now was the time to put the advice to the test!

We put our frozen grass in a pie pan and topped it off with some frozen blueberries, and left them out for a bit to defrost them. Then we added chopped up butternut squash, zucchini, peas, and corn tortilla. They seemed quite happy to see their greenery, berry, and veggie tray, and I was even able to lure four chickens out of the coop by using the grass and blueberries.

Anyway, the chickens ate all of their special meal and we are also starting to sprout barley seeds for them, because chickens also like barley sprouts.

So if it’s the dead of winter, and your chickens are snowed in, then you can feed them random vegetables, fruits, sprouts, and even corn tortillas. And yes, it is indeed a good idea to freeze grass for your chickens.

We’ll definitely be doing that again, crazy as that sounds. They loved it 🙂

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