Osiris’s Tomb Fully Uncovered

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Articles

In Egyptian legend, Osiris was killed by his brother, Set, and became the god of the underworld. The legend also describes the Tomb of Osiris, and in the 1880’s a tomb was discovered but was only recently fully uncovered through excavations. The tomb is like a miniature version of the design of Osireion built by Seti I. It was built entirely according to the Egyptian legend of Osiris. Researchers think the tomb dates back to around 760 – 656 BC.

I think this is really awesome (though I can imagine those who don’t like history may not share my enthusiasm). I think it is awesome because I thought they had already found most of the ancient tombs. Plus, the tomb they uncovered is not actually holding anybody, it’s just a reproduction of a tomb told about in Egyptian legend.

There’s a lot more detail in this article, but I was simply marveling at the fact that there are still undiscovered tombs out there. But there’s the link for anyone who’s interested!

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